Prior to attending courses at Alpha-Z Language Center, I had only a basic familiarization with the Arab language and culture. After the completion of my first session there, I felt as though I not only was able to carry out a basic conversation and draw upon my growing vocabulary but that I was beginning to think in the language as well. I love that the language courses are not overly formal or rigid, but that I am able to make mistakes and learn in a fun, informal atmosphere…the opportunities I had at the center to improve my Arabic language skills have opened up so many internship and job opportunities that I might not have been offered before.”

Linda, American University


“Rula’s energetic teaching style and consistent positive reinforcement made learning Arabic fun and enjoyable. She also caters to multiple learning styles by encouraging association over memorization and using props, colors, pictures, movement, etc. to increase her students’ learning potential. I have studied 5 different foreign languages and I can honestly say that Rula is the best language instructor that I have ever had.”

Meghan, Washington, DC

"Through Alpha-Z's one-on-one and small group teaching style, I was able to strengthen my speaking, reading and listening skills dramatically.  It is a testament to Alpha-Z that I achieved ACTFL proficiency in just two years - Thank you".

Ariella Viehe, Student SAIS
Johns Hopkins University, Washington DC


"Rula is a true professional, whose holistic approach integrates the infusion of language skills together with a full appreciation of the very diverse cultures from which the various dialects spring.  Her boundless energy, flawless
technique & supportive nature help to ensure success for each student"

Joel Lisker, Senior Vice Chairman
Dudinsky, Lisker Associates

"A dynamic teacher and consummate professional, Ms. Hijazeen has an exceptional ability to integrate progressive teaching techniques and teaching aids in her classes.  Her unique approach enables students to understand, retain and express themselves, and easily gain proficiency in Arabic reading, writing and speaking."

Captain Christopher Perkins, US Marine Corps


"Rula's outstanding teaching skills have earned her the highest student evaluation ratings."

Mr. Luthardt, Senior Program Manager

Foreign Languages Graduate School of the USDA