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On-site Training & Translation                               Services



Alpha-Z offers translation from English to Arabic and vice-versa.  The source file could be text, audio or video.  In the latter two formats, transcription is done first, and the translation is done on the written text.

Alpha-Z specializes in the following fields:
  1. Government, military & intelligence
  2. Entertainment & media
  3. Social & community services

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On-Site Training:


Alpha-Zís Mobile Training Team offers on-site custom-designed Arabic language training and Arabic cultural seminars.  

We believe that language & culture are two sides of the same coin. Unless students immerse themselves into the Arabic culture, the value of studying the Arabic language will be limited and proficiency will be capped.

All our Arabic training & course material blends in the culture aspect so that the student will gain more appreciation for the language and how to use it in different circumstances.  It also allows the student to understand the language nuances that only a native speaker masters.

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