Arabic Proverbs           كَلِمة ومَثَلْ


الحيطان إلها آذان

)يقال في الحث على عدم البوح بالسر)

“The walls have ears 

(used in promoting one to keep secrets)      

 إزْرَع قَمِحْ تحصُد قَمِح
                                                   (يقال في الانسان الذي يحصد خيرا ً بمقدار الجهد الذي بدله)

Plant wheat, reap wheat”                                                                                                                                              
 (used to convey that one gains as much as the effort he invests)                                                                    

طبيخي ع النار وعيني ع  الجيران

                                                                                (يقال في حسد الآخرين وعدم القناعة)

My cooking is on the fire and my eyes rest on the neighbors
(used to convey envy, greed and lack of contentment)

إذا بدّك تحيره خيره                                                                                                       

 (يقال في وصف الحيرة والتردد)                                                                                    

 “If you want to confuse a man, give him choices”

(used to describe one who finds difficulty in making choices)