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Arabic Proverbs        كَلِمة ومَثَلْ

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Tip of the Week:

Be proactive in your learning of the language and culture: Try to find another student or a group of students in your area who are studying Arabic.  Go to Arabic restaurants and experience the Middle Eastern cuisine.  Try to use your Arabic with your waiter or waitress.  Listen to Arabic music, or watch Arabic TV, and make use of the internet (for videos, and also radio stations, etc.)

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Cultural Items:

At Alpha-Z we carry a wealth of unique cultural items to introduce you to, yet, another aspect of the Arabic culture.  The art, the handy work, and the craftsmanship demonstrated in these items could only be found in the Middle East. 

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Our Vision:


Alpha-Z Language Solutions is a site where students of various ages and backgrounds can learn Arabic, and gain an understanding of the Arabic culture in a unique, pleasant, and innovative fashion.

Our highly innovative products utilize the cognitive senses of learning: memory, association, and retention.  

Language classes, cultural seminars and dialogues are tailored to meet the educational and proficiency needs of each of our students.

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Alpha-Z Language Solutions offers a variety of services for professionals competing in an increasingly globalized world in which cross-cultural understanding, language, and communication skills of the Arab world are essential.

We provide training in these areas to meet the needs of government agencies, the media, and the private sector in order to facilitate the building of stronger professional relationships. Programs are designed to fit the specific experience and background of our clients, offering a flexible curriculum and schedule tailored to each group.  

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Language Learning/Teaching Products:


Alpha-Z Language Solutions is dedicated to creating superior learning tools that can be used at home (or in the class room) to enable the students to learn this rich language at their own pace.

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Who we are:


Alpha-Z Language Solutions is a company dedicated to delivering high quality services, training and learning tools.  Established in 2004, Alpha-Zs vision is to bridge understanding and foster better communication between East and West.  This is accomplished through teaching the language and culture of the Arabs in an innovative and unique fashion.  We use various methods of language acquisition, and support our students in fulfilling their dream of learning Arabic.

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